23 May, 2008


Welcome to TheFED-Friends Blog.

I've sent an invite to every member of TheFED Egroup individually as it seems that a mass mailout doesn't work.


  1. bloggin' eck! all this bloggin' bloggin' will drive me further up the bloggin' wall.
    So as for my first comment I shall blogg off for now.

  2. hallo
    Well here I am --never posted on a blog before(what a horrid word --"blog" --for a good and useful way of communicating) Just returned from an evening at our local poetry group, where the 'exercise' was lighthearted and produced some fantastic poems and thoughts, the main theme was fantasy. It always amazes me what different ideas can be created from one or two words as base.Bit like music really--a piano has at the most 52 keys and yet billions of different tunes are produced from this one instrument. Poets make music with sounds too representing the world around us, and the view each person has of the world.
    Sorry, this should be called a ramble not a blog, but there is a space to be filled there so here goes.....

  3. Hi All who dare enter here . I have successfully entered twice by fumbling around and shall next time write down each step I take . I have made my profile open . Some people are in love with themselves but with me it's the real thing !!


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