19 September, 2008

Take it to Toronto

Take it to Toronto

The day passes

And the season of warmness comes to an end

I send my thoughts into a distant world

As my heart bows and my soul wanders

Truth comes to the land of the cold

Some listen with their ears

And some listen with their eyes

As it holds the key to silence

I open myself in the name of a flower

And the night is still dark

When the drum sounds it wakes up the heart

The precious metal as it resounds

the choice of my livelihood

Within my memories as yesterday and tomorrow

And sometimes I want to be held

And sometimes I want to hold you

As love is an open book

The maple leaves will turn yellow

And lately green as winter is not out of season

The day is so well on Toronto Island

By the actions of the verses

Of Buffy Sainte Marie

Getting started

I seek inspiration on the Don Valley River

Dance with me, pretty baby, dance with me, pretty baby

Under the stars

© Carlos Raul Dufflar


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