19 October, 2008

The Four Tops The Eye on the Prize

Baby, baby, baby, I need your lovin'

From the trenches of the sixties

On this funny America of the north

We climb the stairway for freedom, justice and equality

As we were grooving to standing to the shadows of love

The Mighty Four Tops claim to fame

To our heart

As we the young led the seed to give more power to the people

And no more war in Vietnam

And no more occupation in Santo Domingo

Still water gave us food to the soul

People, people, we got to get together

Before we go under

As we were all pushed around

As we must stand our cry

To stand up for humanity

Shake me wake me when it's over

Detroit's baddest only one Four Tops forever

© 10/19/08 Carlos Raul Dufflar

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