22 November, 2008

Country Walks 17/11/08

Morning dew the suns rays awaken nature and all it’s splendour. The sounds of nature all around awakens me to a harmonious peace as if today is the best it can be.

The morning ritual to cleanse, bathe, dress and stretch are all part of my preparation as I relax into my favourite pastime. The suns light opens up my heart as I peer outside to look at the morning euphoria and engage in limbering, stretching and set about on my way.

The outside door a passage way to Jerusalem at least like Blake said “ In Englands green and pleasant land”

A community estate all noise and traffic, kids running to school, Mums pushing prams and me engaged in the ambience of it all.

As I leave the estate the narrow lines of trees show my pathway to a picturesque winter scene as seen by those landscape paintings of Constable and his ilk. As I amble my way through those lush pastures of my hometown cycle way like a thoroughfare through an ancient woodland. To feel and breathe that essence of nature as I stand in awe and breathe the cool winter air.

The passage way ends to the modern construction that is the nations highway. Concrete pillars, graffitied subways signs of dejection, depression, anger and rage. As vehicles of all shapes and sizes charge away, choking me, suffocating the air that I breathe and giving me that horrible nauseous feeling like I really want to vomit in my favourite walk.

Further I travel to escape the pollution to divert myself away from this terrible place. At last a sign to another place which takes me away from the main highway onto a safe, secure, narrow country lane to feel that pleasant warm glow of nature again. Allowing my levels to destress themselves as the occasional motorist passes me by to breathe and collect my thoughts.

With a golf range on one side and a cows field on the other. I feel part of a ever changing land where developers seem to have the upper hand. An aeroplane passes over to remind me where |I am.

The village cricket green can now be seen as I walk toward a stately home adorned by the pleasant setting of leafy lanes and still life.

The cricket green a sporting venue for the inhabitants is planted to convey the peaceful tranquil setting that is the centre of the village. As I return home down open lanes to once again face the community that is my home.

(c) Paul Evans

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