09 November, 2008

Saludos a mis hermanas y mis hermanos en Fed UK

Dear Lucia

As you requested, Carlos and I would like to share some words for the Saturday minifest in greetings from The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective. Because we have just survived the most hotly contested election we can ever remember, we can say that the next step is to do as we are doing with the Fed - rebuilding our groups and organising our movements for real change. With that in mind, The Collective and our sister organisation (and Fed members) Precious Promise Arts Circle will continue to organise, organise, organise!

Saludos a mis hermanas y mis hermanos en Fed UK

On this beautiful day we will send you
a bucket of red roses
to embrace our affection and joy and friendship
each and every day
a poetic doo wop we will survive the cloudy winter
This a rose will always grow
even on the distant plane that unites us
Our dreams above our love of humanity
with a word song
of peace and not war on earth
between our marching for universal love
in exchange for a kiss is just a kiss
We shall see each other sooner or later
At the spirit of The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective
keeps on marching
un amor puro

Copyright Carlos Raul Dufflar

Fed 2008: The Resurrection Poem

May our days together be many
May our unity always be strong
Just like our songs
May the peace for which we have so long struggled
erupt in festivals of words
May we as sisters and brothers come always together in love
May our words refresh as the rain replenishes
And to speak of words
more profound than the size on the page can ever show
May we always remember the final word:

Copyright 2008 Angel L. Martinez

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  1. Beautiful and wise words :-)

    We all hope that next time you'll be able to read them out to us yourselves!!!


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