10 December, 2008

Too Much Pain

Too much pain, but who is willing to help
It's hard for us to get some medical attention around here

Too much pain, but we can only do so much
Getting denied because we are people of color

Too much neglect, makes me forget about
the physical pain and realize that it doesn't hurt as much
as the emotional pain that they are causing

All I hear is whites only
Where ever I go whites only
Shouldn't we all be equal, not just whites only

Finally a place to be..........

Oh No, it's too much for me, I cant afford this
I have no coverage, And the nurse is not willing to help
because we are garbage

Too much pain, I guess I'm going to keep feeling
To much money, that we are going to be needing

Too much pain my parents are going through,
seeing me sick and knowing nothing can be done

Too much pain it's making them suffer
All because I have no card with a couple of stupid numbers

Too much pain, my head hurts,
my stomach hurts, I have a stuffy nose
Too much pain, but what can we do
Too much pain and no one is willing to help

Copyright Zaidmary Ortiz

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  1. Wow, a very powerful piece of writing - with frustration evident in every line. A great post, thanks.


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