17 August, 2012

TheFED Writing Challenge and News Update


TheFED - A Network of Writing and Community Publishers

Welcome to all the new subscribers to TheFED Mailing list.

We are now halfway through the writing challenge for August!

TheFED Writing Challenge is open to everyone.

It doesn't cost anything to submit your writing - and there are no prizes, winners or losers.

All submissions will be displayed on TheFED website and may also be featured in future TheFED publications.

Please do leave comments for the other writers - we all like to get feedback!

The theme for August 2012 is:
The Seaside

A theme / title suggested by Pol Nugent (a member of Pecket Learning Community)
Writing Submission Form

Writing can be in any form or style, poetry or prose.
Please encourage the rest of your group to participate, especially those who do not have access to the Internet.

You can also email your writing to:

Deadline is Midnight on 31st August 2012

A new Challenge will be sent out on 1st September

Can You Help?

Hello everyone

We are appealing for help with the following essential tasks!

Publicise and promote TheFED Festival
We want to attract lots of new people to the festival this year - and encourage all our 'old' people to come back!  You can help by spreading the word about TheFED Festival.  

Please Print & Display TheFED Festival Poster (download)

Run A Workshop
We want to offer lots of interesting and unnusual workshops at our Festival this year.  Could you run a 90 minute workshop for us on any aspect of creative writing, performance, poetry, prose, character bulding, description, publishing, running a community group, music, meditation, movement, inspiring others, art, creativity - we welcome ALL offers and suggestions from everyone - regardless of whether they have run a workshop for TheFED before or not!

Dave Chambers is coordinating the workshop programme and welcomes anyone to get in touch with offers and ideas.  For more information please email fedonline1@gmail.com

Please Offer To Run A Workshop (online application form)

Bring A Friend
TheFed Writing Festival makes an enjoyable and inspirational day out.  There is something for everyone - so please do invite all your friends and relatives to come along.

TheFED 2012 Writing Festival

"Beat This - Free Speech - Say what you Like!"

Saturday 17th November 2012

Faraday House, 48-51 Old Gloucester Street, Holborn, London, WC1N 3AE

09:00 - 18:00



Online Booking Form


Print Your Own Booking Form (PDF)

Download TheFED 2012 Writing Festival Poster


(including members of member groups)
£10 in advance or £12 on the door.

£15 in advance or £17 on the door.

Price Includes
Lunch, Refreshments, Workshops and Information Packs

You can now pay for your tickets online (via PayPal)

TheFED NewsFlash (Website Updates)


16 August 2012

    Some new workshop offers have been added to the 2012 Writing Festival Workshops page.

    Could you offer to run a workshop for us?  Use the new Workshop Offer Form to send us the details.

01 August 2012
    The Writing Challenge for August 2012 is 'The Seaside.'

16 July 2012

Roger Drury's report and pictures from The Coleford Festival of Words have been added to the Gallery.

18 June 2012

    A new page has been created 'Pay Membership Fee' (under 'Join TheFED)

    A new page has been created 'Buy Festival Tickets' (under 'Writing Festival 2012)

    A 'Donate' button has been added to the header and footer of every page.
This website is still - and always will be - a work in progress.
Please do make suggestions for improvements and additions - and keep sending your group's activities and events for inclusion on TheFED calendar.

We need your help to make TheFED website interesting and informative to ensure that ALL our visitors, old and new, keep coming back!


YOUR Group News is Required!

Please let us know what your group is doing, any events you have planned or new publications you (or your members) have produced.  The next Writing Challenge & News Update email will be sent out on the 15th August! 

Thanks, Ashley
Please help TheFED by forwarding this email
to everyone who might be interested in our work.


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