23 September, 2008

The Jazz Procession

by Tanisha "K.I.R. the poetic lyrAcist " Jacob

Those trumpets were blowin
music was flown
Reminiscent of the days of Miles Davis,
Charlie Parker and those jazz greats

Had a vision of Ellington and his band
and Ellington was not a street

Dizzy Gillespie spoke to me through his trumpet
The sounds were melodic and hypnotic
As they walked down the street
I joined in the procession
I wanted to know where they were going
I asked one of the members in the band
where they were going?

Told me to a land that's free
Told me they were going to
the real home of the brave

Before we were slaves
that jazz band played and played
Up the block and down the street
When they played they made the music come alive!
As cars rode by tooting their horns to the vibe
That jazz band was thriving
Taught me a lesson bout the music of the players within
It was a history lesson
I joined the jazz procession
Dancing and returning to my roots
As I joined that jazz procession
that was moving steadily down the street.

(C) Copyright KIR

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