30 November, 2008


What can I do for the Fed? Write when in the mood. Occasionally put something about them in the magazine I edit and founded; just as I do other organisations. I really don't know too much about them as I am not a writer that normally attends their workshops, but this doesn't stop me from offering this benefit to them.
So, if they wish this - as with others, I will wait information from them; then if the time is right, the theme, and if space allows, it will go in.
Like others, Ebb & Flow relies on gift donations to help it continue - it does not have access to grants as The Fed and other organisations would - it is individually run - with a named Patron, and most of the funds come from my own pocket.
Being who I am, I continue due to the fact I know others benefit and enjoy as I note from feedback. Also - I enjoy. So, I hope my offer of help in around about way will be of use to TheFED.

©19.11.08 Josie Lawson

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