05 December, 2008

Words in Imagination by Jan Hedger

Book Review of:

Words in Imagination by Jan Hedger

Published by Rossendale Books £5.99

ISBN 978-1-906801-03-8

46pp (pbk)

This is a delightful little book to look at and dip into, with a nicely designed front cover and a lovely friendly typeface!

The author, Jan Hedger, is obviously adept at seeing life through the eyes of a child, and many of these poems are written for children, too. In fact, many of them reminded me strongly of a time long past, in the land of A.A. Milne and Jemima Puddleduck, with their innocent rural themes. "Wonderment" for example:

"Do you believe in fairies

with flowers in their hair

wings as soft as feathers

a song as light as air?"

But today's kids would find much that is familiar in their world, with poems like "A Red Kite" and "Drifting Off, Into My World". Jan has great fun with words and rhyme, and her enthusiasm and passion for writing this kind of poetry shines through. Sometimes I felt that this could be reined in and tightened up a bit; for example, I don't think the last verse of "Captured" is in any way necessary, as "It is the place that has captured you" seem a much stronger ending.

Mostly, though, the poems are a delight to read, and there are one or two that indicate a more thoughtful reflective vein.

Lynne Clayton

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